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Sample Request

We strive to have small quantities on hand of every vibration motor we manufacture for sampling and pre-production validation. Samples not on hand can usually be shipped in 5 to 10 working days.

Samples will only be sent to established companies involved in new product development or to purchasing managers seeking a second source for an existing product. Ordinarily samples are limited to 5 pcs per model.

Requests for vibration motor samples must include the following information:

  1. Your Project’s Name
  2. Application and Market Sector of your Product
  3. Estimated Annual Usage – EAU
  4. Estimated Date of Mass Production
  5. Target price of Motor
  6. Motor Model Numbers and Quantity Desired
  7. If you are located in China or the USA we will send your vibration motor samples at no charge by standard mail.
    If you need these samples urgently, please supply us with your FEDEX / UPS /DHL shipping account number.If you are not located in China or the USA you must supply us with your FEDEX / UPS / DHL shipping account number.If you do not have a shipping account number you may pay for the shipping fees by Credit Card or PayPal. We will provide you with a shipping quotation. Due to a high loss rate we do not ship motor samples internationally by standard airmail.

Send your request for Sample Vibration Motors to: