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Model Number: Z7AL2A0000001
Z7AL2A0000001 DC Micro Motor – Coreless with Brushes

7 mm | 1.3 V | DC Micro Motor – Coreless with Brushes

The Z7AL2A0000001 is a member of our line of 7 mm diameter DC micro-motors that use of precious metal brush contacts. This is the largest and most powerful micro motor with a stall torque of 1.43 g.cm and a typical no load speed of 18600 RPM. This coreless micro motor is suited for such applications as drones and locking mechanisms. Custom wire lengths and RPM speeds are available.

Summary Of Specifications
Diameter (mm): 7.0
Body (mm): 16.6
Overall (mm): 21.4
Shaft Length (mm): 4.8
Shaft Diameter (mm): 1.0
Rated Voltage (Vdc): 1.3
Operating Voltage (Vdc): 0.9~1.6