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Rectangular LRA linear resonant actuator for haptics

Linear Vibration Motors (LRA’s)

Rectangular LRA linear resonant actuator for haptics

Due to their fast rise and fall times and superior braking ability, linear resonant actuators (LRA) vibration motors are an excellent choice for haptic feedback applications. Their relatively simple internal construction also offers high reliability and exceptionally long life when compared with brushed ERM motors. Jinlong’s rectangular LRA’s have an internal mass that oscillates back and forth along the X-axis at its resonant frequency. Our coin shaped linear resonant actuators oscillate along the Z axis, perpendicular to the motors surface. This Z axis vibration efficiently transmits vibrations in wearable applications. In Hi-Rel applications, they are a viable alternative to brushless vibration motors as the only internal parts that are subjected to wear / failure are the springs.
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Motor Size Voltage Current Res. Freq (hz) Vibe Force (G)
L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) Rated (VAC RMS) Operating (VAC RMS) Rated (ma) MAX Typical* (ma) Avg.
LV101040A LV101040A LRA Linear Vibration Motor 10.0 10.0 4.0 2.5 0.1 ~ 2.5 350 317 170 2.75
LV081230B-L30 LV081230B-L30 LRA Linear Vibration Motor 8.0 12.0 3.0 2.0 1.7 ~ 2.1 135 111 175 0.80
LV061228B-L65-A LV061228B-L65-A LRA Linear Vibration Motor 6.0 12.0 2.8 2.0 1.7 ~ 2.1 135 111 200 0.65



  • Custom wire length are available for MOQ: 1K pcs
  • We can add connectors for MOQ: 1K pcs
  • Custom FPC’s are available for MOQ: 6K pcs.
  • Tooling and design fees will apply for custom FPC’s

When compared to standard brushed ERM vibration motors, LRA’s are higher in price and must be used with external driver IC.

Unlike conventional brushed DC vibration motors, linear resonant actuators must be driven by an AC signal at the devices resonant frequency. A number of companies make IC drivers for linear vibration motors that supply the correct drive signals and contain a library of haptic effects you can choose from. TI is one such company that makes LRA drivers IC’s. TI makes and evaluation board that incorporates the TI DRV2605L haptic driver IC. See below link for info:


It should be noted that unlike brushed ERM vibration motors, varying the amplitude of the applied voltage will only change the amplitude of the vibration force, not the frequency of vibration. Due the LRA’s Hi-Q , applying a frequency above or below the resonant frequency of the LRA will result in the LRA producing a lower vibration amplitude or if far from the resonant frequency, none at all.

See the video below to see our LVM061530 LRA in action.