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Model Number: G0832006
G0832006 LRA coin vibration motor

8mm x 3.2 mm | 1.8 Vrms | 235hz | LRA Z-Axis

Our G0832006 coin linear resonant actuator vibrates in the Z-Axis at 235 hz. Instead of wire leads, it makes use of a flexible printed circuit (FPC). PCB mounted pogo pins / springs are recommended to make contact with the contacts pads on the FPC. Its current characteristics make it an excellent choice for wearable devices with limited battery capacity. It draws only 19 ma @ 0.6 V while producing a vibration G force of 0.55. An LRA driver IC such as the TI DRV2605 is required for use. Double stick adhesive, rubber foam pads and custom lead wire lengths are available. Custom FPC are also available for orders of 10K pcs+.

Summary Of Specifications
Technology Type: LRA
Diameter (mm): 8.0
Thickness (mm): 3.2
Rated Voltage (Vac RMS): 1.8
Operating Voltage (Vac RMS): 0.1~1.9
Rated Current MAX (mA): 80
Typical Current (mA): 58
Rise Time (ms) MAX *: 50
Fall Time (ms) MAX *: 80
Resonant Frequency: 235
Vibration Force (G): 1.40
* at 50% of Maximum G force
G0832006 LRA coin vibration motor mechanical drawing

This part is not authorized for Life Supporting Devices
None of the products offered for sale by us are authorized for use in any device that:

  1. is surgically implanted into the body
  2. supports or sustains life, and whose failure to perform as per our specification,
    may result in serious injury or death of the user.

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